Sunday, December 7, 2008

Answer to a post by Angie

I join the multitudes crying out for peace and justice, harmony and eradication of disease rather than spend any more on the weaponry and art of war; it's like a huge video game, except for those who suffer from it.
I've suffered since I was a child (born in 1939, the year WWII began. I've lost uncles and cousins, friends and acquaintances. They all died in vain, in my humble opinion, because there is no such thing as a 'just' war or a 'good' war. There are only political ambitions and territorial imperatives, and an occasional madman. We should reverse our attempts to protect ourselves by building a world of peace and harmony, diplomacy and reward rather than a destructive one that threatens mankind wholly. Let's build peace, not bases on foreign soil.
Let's celebrate living, not dying. Let's abolish warfare and nuclear weapons forever, and concentrate our money on battles against disease and hunger. We don't need the mushroom cloud perpetually hanging over our heads. We need comfort, not misery, and leaders, not greedy warmongers. We need to re-direct our priorities, politically, spiritually (embrace all) and economically. One vision: a world of peace and harmony in tune with the universe, not in opposition to it. We don't need red or blue states, we need a United States and a world representative body.

Desert Scene

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