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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Monday, February 9, 2009

Last Rays


Taken from Simpson Park, Hemet, California with Diamond Valley Lake in the background.
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Surf On The Rocks


Gulls and wind enhance the shot naturally.
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Near Perris Landfill


View from road to the Perris (Ca) Dump.
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View of the Diamond Valley Lake Dam

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Taking A Break


After a day's riding, the cowboy takes a break, leaving his hat behind.
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Hills, Tree, Wind and Rain


postprocessed shot of the hills in back of Barbara's home in San Jacinto, California.
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Hummingbird In Meyer Lemon Blossoms


Photo taken at my friend Barbara's home in San Jacinto, California.
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Casualty Of Katrina


Fishing boat aground in canal near Biloxi, Mississippi back bay where the huge 33' storm surge came through, killing several people during Hurricane Katrina, August 29, 2005. Photo taken in early October, 2005, post-processed for dramatic effect.
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Autumn Leaves On Blue


Post-processed layered image using PaintshopPro 9 by JASC, and other filters. I like the end result. Let me know if you do by clicking on the like it or love it box.
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747 At Miramar Air Show!


Late in the 2008 show which featured the U.S. Navy's famed Blue Angel Flight Demonstration Team, when people were departing, this amazing formation came roaring by. The Patriots FSD were escorting a privately owned (FRY's Electronics) Boeing 747 during several passes over the field; the 747 was as low as 30 feet above the runway at 275 knots!! One performance, one show, I'll never forget!
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Double Lenticular Clouds on Mt. San Jacinto, CA

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Rare cloud formation, a double lenticular atop Mt. San Jacinto, CA.



Rare Double Lenticular cloud formation resembling a stack of pancakes atop Mount San Jacinto, near Hemet, California.
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Nowhere To Go


I went along a back road to a garbage dump near West Hemet, and photographed this couple with their dog. They were living in an adobe shack with no electricity or water, hand to mouth. They are on the path taken before during the Great Depression.
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Winter Scene


Driving along the roads is where I get some of my best shots. I may drive onto a mountain firebreak, field roads, or just the highways. Here's one.
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Fighting Spirit After Hurricane Katrina

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The destruction along the Mississippi coast on August 29, 2005, looks much like this picture all along the 80 mile coastline. It was simply incredible. This picture is just a couple of blocks away from the beach, near the Armed Forces Retirement Home, where I lived.


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Edward S. Bardwell with admirer.