Tuesday, January 6, 2009


As a kid, I used to watch Candid Camera--and now that I have my own lens (albeit the single image type) I revel in the occasional capture that is not set up, planned, or posed. One of my favorite photos is the one of two ladies in San Juan Capistrano walking their dog. The shot shows the love and concern of the two adults. I had seen them approaching as I prepared to have lunch with my girlfriend in a Mexican restaurant across the street from the old mission.

They were across the street--foolishly I had left my trusty Pentax *istDS in the car, not wanting to get salsa on it. I ran outside (as best I could, not as fleet or fit as I was in my younger years), hurriedly got into the car, retrieved the camera, and ran up the street to intercept them.

From Wildspirit Poetry, Prose, Pictures

So my capture of the year is titled, 'Walking The Dog.'