Monday, January 11, 2010

Salton Sea

Pat and I drove a round-robin trip on Sunday, 10 January 2010, down California Highway 79S thru her old town of Anza, towards the Salton Sea. On the way we stopped at Maurice Art Gallery near Warner Springs (it's just a homemade collection of dollhouses situated beside the road---see and look for 2010 01 10 album... and other places, including the Anza-Borrega State Park Visitor's Center. It's fabulous. I loaned one of the volunteers my shots of the wildlife I had taken.

At the Salton Sea, however, I ran into a man named Sam Low...please--please, visit his site at --you won't regret it; he has written, produced, etc., shows that made national headlines for National Public Radio, National Geographic, etc. He is a brilliant photographer/writer/anthropologist who reminds me a bit of Thor Heyerdahl.

Meantime, he loves my photography! We met at the shore of Salton Sea and shared a bit of background with each other. I said I was a hobbyist and he said I was a professional...that made me feel good.

Here's one shot I took just before it became too dark to work without a tripod. He lamented not bringing his. He came from Maine, he said. Wow. I'd love to go to Rapa Nui and sail on the polynesian canoe like he did. His site is an adventure!

Here's my shot....pelicans heading to roost, in perfect unison and line, at sunset on the Salton Sea.